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The direct ancestors of the emoji we know and use today debuted in Japan in 1999. “The emoji boom is over here in Japan,” says Shigetaka Kurita, the man widely credited with creating the adorable little runes.“They’re still around, they’re still pervasive, but they aren’t a fad anymore,” he says in his Tokyo office.Would you like to take our girls out for dinner, shopping, sightseeing maybe?Please do, enjoy your stay in Japan with our girls.The customer service staffs are native English speakers.

And now it looks like we've got a new pair of role models to add to the list.And by “worked for me,” I mean that my husband and I survived the distance; we’re happily married now, living in Japan. Between school, work, friends, and studying – it is hard enough to block out 20 minutes for your favorite trashy reality television show, never mind an hour to chat with your significant other. I have much better time management skills, because the only constant thing in my life are my Skype dates.He lays out a good way to approach LDRs – regardless of whether you expect to be in an LDR for a couple of months or a couple of years. I’ve noticed as soon as we starting Skype once a day, the number of (and the magnitude of) our fights decreased drastically.But of them -- despite the obvious difficulties and frustrations of not having your partner there beside you on a day-to-day basis -- are really, truly happy and functional.Sure, I also meet individuals who were previously in long-distance relationships that ended.

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