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Datingdynamics com

Since that day - over 3 years ago - I've been asking guys this question in almost all my seminars, and the results are always the same.

Most of the guys learning the skills of pickup are just learning them to find ONE good woman.

I was standing up there in front of a crowd of eager guys presenting a seminar on how to attract women and how to get a girlfriend, and a strange urge overtook me...

I wanted to ask them a question that just didn't seem "politically correct" to ask a bunch of aspiring "pickup artists." I kept thinking to myself: Should I...?

Why is it so difficult for so many guys to ask a girl out on a date? Plus, she's with her friends, laughing and having a good time. I think I'll wait and go talk to another woman who's easier to approach." Ever thought that?

I would raise my fist to the heavens and shout: "By the powers of Gromthar, I shall possess her!"Finally - The World's Most Powerful Method For Attracting Beautiful Women..." Controversial?YES - And This May Be The Most Powerful Discovery For Men In Our Time...If you push her for an answer right away (which is how asking her out right then comes across to her) she'll probably say No - even if she's just not sure yet.You're forcing her hand rather than keeping her in the game.

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He had one of the hottest girlfriends in our high school.