Rainie yang and show luo dating

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Kim Woo Bin originally debuted under the name Kim Hyun Joong, but changed it at the end of 2011 and began acting under his new stage name in the sitcom Vampire Idol.On July 22, 2015, it was announced that he was dating actress Shin Min Ah.They haven’t interacted since the drama ended, and they were never together.Joe Chen turned herself into a barbaric girlfriend in her new bra commercial.She was filming Easy Fortune Happy Life at the time, and shortly after, she was photographed going to Roy Chiu's place.

Baron Chen remained expressionless when he heard this and simply let out an, "Oh." Though Baron Chen and Ella once shared a passionate relationship, it's difficult nowadays for them to even be friends.

Surprisingly, the half year-old relationship is rumored to have already ended.

At an event yesterday, Joe Chen said, “He and I are friends who no longer interact or stay in-touch.” Joe Chen revealed last August that she and her boyfriend of 4 years have broken up.

On May 24, 2017, Woo Bin's agency released an official statement about his diagnosis with nasopharyngeal cancer.

Woo Bin is currently undergoing radiation therapy and taking some time off.

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Baron Chen and ex-lover Ella had broken up in a sudden unresolved fight leaving scratches on the neck.